Glenn-Erik Sandbakken

Glenn-Erik Sandbakken 🕸

Q & AOr summary of qualifications is another way to look at it

Main occupation?

FreelanceReact and Nodedeveloper

For hire?

Yes, given the right project

OK cool, how can we get in touch?

DM me on Linkedor even Twitter

Any religion?

Simulation theory

Do you have a CV for me to download and show the ones I have to convince?

Sure, try one of these:

You look young, how young are you really?

I know, it's wild, I'm almost under fourty! Actually I was born, on the day, exactly 100 years after Albert Einstein. My daughter, Eli-Marie was born, on the day, 36 years after me. The date is March 14, which is, observed correctly, the beginning of PI 3,14. Eli's birthday in 2015 is even closer: 3.1415 — it's almost spooky!

Who's your Idol?

Easy: Albert Einstein. A living one must be Bill Gates.

Political views?

However, reality transforms and becomes clearer once you realize that life is asingle player game in a (simple) simulation 🕹

Top three favorite animals?

  1. Birds
  2. Octopus
  3. Squirrel, Hedgehog & Human (a Tie)

Moose and Hippos are also pretty awesome animals, but not enough to make it to the top three. Cats are waaay waay down on the list, propably all the way down to place 100 or beyond. Because they like to torture and kill little birds. Luckily birds have the Crows, who sometimes tease and annoy the crap out of cats.

What do you do in your spare time?

I sometimes attend events with or in relation to OsloAmatørastronomers Forening. I also spend time with my daughter Eli-Marie Sandbakken and Wife Hang Thi Hoang.

Do you have any past or current projects you wanna share with us?

I have several, but I'll only show you these: Kraken LyricsMyIP

Any closing statements before we wrap this up?

Yes! I am daglig leder (CEO) in Meto Eiendom AS, a real estate company renting out twenty five apartments on Ensjø.
I am also styreleder (chairman) of the residential condominium (bolig-sameie) Ensjøveien 31, with 45 apartments.

You must check out my Instagram, here's a taste:

Let's end it with this:
If you wanna see strange things, and proof of intersecting universes, have a look at twitter & facebook in general. That is the simulation creating history backwards in time, while we're watching. It can be pretty spectacular to watch, and the tool that enables its observation (the telescope or collider, if you like =) is the internet. (but that's beginning to move outside the scope of this interview). I also have a profile onFacebook by the way